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Globally, it has become more important for the growth of companies to implement solutions improving data flow management. For the sake of information system effectiveness, it’s essential to control it on both micro and macro scale. Therefore, a proper solution for diagram visualization and business process modeling is the key.

Since the beginning of our business activity, we’ve been developing our experience in creating web applications for diagrams visualization powered by HTML5 Canvas. We are the top company implementing GoJS library enables you to construct complex diagrams intuitively and with ease, using features like drag & drop.

Cross-platform Mobile Solutions

Having a handful of ready solutions for data flow diagram visualization on the market, nothing can compare to the application customized to your specific needs. May it be a solution for real-time data monitoring, flowchart maker, BPMN editor or analytics platform for various visualizations - we know best how to do it.

We are capable of both:


creating the whole
custom application
from scratch


developing just the visualization
solution and integrating it
with your existing app

With our help,
you receive custom application for:

  • # data and information flow diagrams visualization
  • # modelling organizational charts
  • # floor planning
  • # BPMN and processes visualization
  • # creating flowcharts and tree diagrams
  • # and many more...

See how data flow diagrams can be helpful in your business development.

The companies that want to develop and growth their business always look for innovative methods that will be essential in expanding their business, gaining new customers and staying away from mistakes.

However, to make the business bigger, it is important to learn more about the business needs, customers in the business area, targets and goals of the company for the next few months. The market research will be necessary to conduct but the conclusions and results are also worth considering. If the company consists of more than twenty employees it can be problematic and time consuming to organize meetings where the future goals as well as ongoing plans will be presented. What is more, the information presented at the gatherings are often forgotten and only those employees who make some notes remember the details after few weeks. As an outcome, more and more companies choose data flow diagram to present and visualize to goals of management and CEO. They can be also provided to the employees or placed at the notice board to highlight the goals.

What is the data flow diagram?

The data flow diagram is a map where you place the relevant information. The proper diagram consists of few symbols that make the information flow faster and more effective. The used symbols are: circles, rectangles and arrows that present the data input and output. The data flow diagram can also include some additional information but generally the diagram focus on the key words rather than full description. The symbols can have colourful background to be more readable.

The data flow diagrams can be useful in explaining some things that can be difficult to explain in words. The professional diagram presents more than hundred words and does not cause any misunderstandings due to transparent arrows.

The important elements of every data flow diagram

The key elements of the diagrams are circles or rectangles. The symbols were invented by the creators of data flow diagrams. At present, thanks to innovative gojs library, the users are able to create the appropriate diagram that will suit their needs and expectations. The diagrams do not have to be boring – they can be colourful, full of pictures or emoticons. It all depends on the customers' needs and the creator's imagination.

Where can you order the data flow diagram application development?

Synergy Codes is a Software Development House who help creates professional data flow diagram apps available on mobile as well as desktop computer. The GoJS library will be also essential tool during creating the appropriate data flow diagram application.

The services offered by our company can help you develop the diagram app at every stage.

We create the whole custom application from nothing – we need only few data to create the diagram that will be useful for your needs. Nevertheless, if you already have data flow diagram designed, you can also count on our web development services. We can develop your diagram app, make it more readable and practical.

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