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Synergy Codes is a global leader in creating web applications using data visualization tools on a HTML5 canvas! Our GoJS JavaScript developers can create and customize any diagrams and implement bespoke interactive cloud solutions!

Your company has so much data, you probably want to leverage it for big data analysis and improving your business. Or you just need to get it all in order to meet the demands of regulations like GDPR and audits. To get your data under control, you need to first visualize how it flows around your company.

Or maybe you need to think about your business processes or floor space but can't get the picture quite right in your head or on a white board?

We can help you to configure your solution and we write algorithms tailored to the specific benefits our customers want to reap from their data sets. We don't just help empower your data, we optimize your business.

Cross-platform Mobile Solutions

We are the most trusted and most highly recommended GoJS consultant for businesses around the world who want a custom visualization from scratch or integration of an interactive data visualization with an existing app for:

  • Data and information flows
  • Organizational charts
  • Floor planning
  • BPMN and process visualization
  • Flow charts and JavaScript diagrams

If you want a visual representation of a structure or process or you simply want to look at the relationships in your data-speak to Synergy Codes about a GoJS solution and how we make beautiful custom diagrams using JavaScript. It's fast and easy to get started.

Real-time diagramming, real-time streaming for the best data visualizations, real-time web applications, and real-time time data monitoring. Put together the picture that saves real time and real money for your business.

About GoJS

GoJS is a powerful yet simple JavaScript library that allows businesses to go beyond the who, where, when and how and explore the why. It takes masses of complex data and runs it through flexible modelling options to create visualizations that are easy to understand and put into action. It outlines and simplifies the steps that businesses take to complete any process, using standard mapping visuals that anyone can translate into success.

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