Software Development Methodology

Bringing out the best of our expertise and knowledge, we deliver high quality projects on time and within budget. To achieve such results, we have embraced a set of values and procedures which help us work efficiently to maximize satisfaction of our clients. Our aim is to achieve the synergy effect by facilitating close collaboration between the development team and our clients. For us, synergy is not just a buzzword. It’s a true value that leads us to achieve great things.

We take pride in building long-term relationships with our business partners. That means establishing and preserving mutual trust and open communication.

Each of our business partners receives individual approach adjusted to their needs and requirements. Putting a great emphasis on their goals and expectations, we choose the best solution for the required support. We work together as one team to get things done and maximize the results of cooperation.

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we work as if we were right next to you

We flexibly adapt to our business partners and leverage all opportunities to stay in direct contact at all stages of the development process. We do it by organizing regular remote meetings to present and discuss the progress. Our software developers, testers and project managers work directly with you and can respond to your questions ASAP. It’s you who chooses the frequency of our meetings - may they be on a daily basis or just once a week.

We always make sure to be well-accessible for our business partners.

Easy Adjustment To Other Time Zones

Being in UTC+1 timezone, we can easily adjust to the working hours
of both Eastern and Western countries.

Project Management
24/7 outlook on the budget and progress

Our project management procedures enable us to develop software efficiently, on time and within your defined budget. We use Atlassian JIRA as our project management platform, along with Agile boards, TEMPO timesheets and other add-ons.

To maintain open communication and transparency, we provide our business partners with a direct access to the JIRA board of the project. It allows them to have full and constant insight into work progress and react to any situation immediately.

We use tools enabling open and transparent communication







you receive constant updates about the progress of our work.

Implementing the best patterns of Scrum and Kanban, we organize our projects in a way to maximize the effectiveness of development process. We deliver software in regular iterations, providing frequent presentations of the progress along the way. By receiving your constant feedback within agreed boundaries, we work smoothly towards meeting your expectations.

We measure project metrics to constantly increase team velocity. Each project can evolve with its own workflow that supports your needs. We have experienced and certified Scrum Masters on board who lead teams and coordinate communication with you. All project members know their responsibilities, priorities and deadlines. We aim at providing you with the highest return on investment.

Software Engineering
Focus on top quality, efficiency and precision

As a software house, we take care of each phase of the software development process from defining requirements to deployment and maintenance. With great focus on quality, efficiency and precision, we ensure high development and testing standards with a number of policies.

Our developers are fully committed to high quality of work by creating unit tests and maintaining clean code. We deliver reliable, stable and bug-free solutions thanks to performing continuous software testing. Our internal team of experienced and certified Software Testers validates implementation of functional and non-functional requirements. They make sure your software is pixel-perfect and flawless.

According to Quality Assurance procedures, we use a minimum of two development environments – Staging Environment (for the latest stable version of the software) and Integration Environment (for deploying recent changes in the code). We can share one of them with you to enable a better communication and progress monitoring.

All our work is version-controlled in a Git repository. On top of that, all code changes are not only unit-tested by their creators, but also reviewed by other developers in our peer review process. We make sure the knowledge is spread within the team and everyone learns from each other.

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