Our story

It all began in 2011 with an idea to contest the status quo of dull, obsolete and unintuitive business software. Our vision was to create custom web applications that would be as functional, stable and user-friendly as possible. We wanted to develop tailored solutions which would fulfill specific needs of our clients and bring real value to their business. With these goals in mind, we established a software house and invited other experienced specialists to join our cause. Our team of Synergy Coders has been constantly growing ever since.

We are headquartered in Wrocław, Poland - one of the main IT centers in Central Europe. Being a part of such an IT-friendly environment, we fully seize the opportunity and forge our potential into success. The access to top specialists and competitive rates for software development services make Wrocław an excellent location for project outsourcing.

We turn software ideas of our clients into functional and scalable products, powered by the most cutting-edge technologies.

Since the beginning of our coding adventure, we have been focused on creating cloud-hosted web applications powered by the most powerful and reliable technologies . We have delivered numerous projects for clients from around the world, including Europe, Japan and the US. We bring real value to our clients’ projects, using our knowledge, experience and methodology of work.

Industries we have experience with

Information Technology

Information Technology



Public Administration

Public Administration





Transportation & Automotive

& Automotive

Meet our team

We are a community of extraordinary people. Passion for technology motivates us to get better in what we do and integrates us as a team.


An excellent rally racer. Crazy about Mazda cars and two lovely kittens she takes care of.


Synergy evangelist - promotes the synergy effect within and beyond the team.


Performance pedant - trying to optimize life.


Received a Forklift Certification - just in case. Only fishing can calm his fiery temper.

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A true “Star Wars” fan - Master Yoda’s image watches over his work from the desktop.


Natural born player - skilled trumpeter, semi-professional footballer and cards master.


Also a true Star Wars fan - Princess Leia of our team. Dreaming of space & time travel.


Takes care of our well - being by running daily errands.


Breaks stereotype of a geek - athletic, amusing and, above all, extremely modest.


Video games fan. Believes that the cake is not a lie.


Brave volunteer firefighter passionate about microprocessor-based control systems - try to top that!


Polite driver of BMW car, who uses blinkers. Mowing his lawn is what makes him relaxed.


Ruthless, detective-like bug investigator at work. Incurable optimist after hours.


Polish folk enthusiast and cycling maniac (both indoor and outdoor).


Space travel enthusiast. In his free time sails, watches snooker and conducts a choir.


Software bug hunter and football maniac who enjoys it in all forms (playing live and online, watching and cheering).


Photographer, biker and gadgeteer. True fan of Elon Musk. He believes he will spend his retainment on Mars.


Petrolhead, philosopher, writer. He knows there's no spoon and he prove it.


Travel lover and bike enthusiast. He loves spending free time exploring new places.


Optimist with a can-do attitude. Interior designer in a free time and true muscle cars lover.


Thinking positive all the time with head full of ideas. He is addicted to music.

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