At Synergy Codes we have nothing to hide. Before you start work with us we want to outline to you exactly how we cooperate with people - from the first phone call to beyond the delivered solution - so that you can get a feel for who we are.

Three steps to starting great cooperation

We spend time getting to know you. How do you want to work? What are your expectations? Then we fit our processes to your style of business. We also send you a bunch of projects we have worked on that are similar to what you want, so you can get ideas and inspiration.
We put together the best team of our people chosen specifically to suit your business and your technology needs. And these people are there when you need them. We are based in the CET time zone, meaning we're available during business hours no matter where you are in the world.
We start with a prototype. It is essential for the client to visualize the way ahead and to check we are on the right track.

Developing your solution

Once we have agreed on how the full solution should look, the way we work is split into two separate but intertwined threads: project management and software engineering. Here are the very best elements we bring to each of these areas.


We use Atlassian JIRA as our project management platform, along with Agile boards, TEMPO timesheets and other add-ons.

You communicate directly with our developers, testers and project managers as frequently as you wish.

You stay in touch with our team and we respond ASAP to all your questions and comments.

You receive access to our Jira and have 24/7 outlook on the progress.

Implementing the best patterns of Scrum and Kanban. We work in an agile way with certified Scrum Masters.


You get the best tools and technologies for your project.

You get the access to the integration environment to observe the work in progress.

Our developers are fully committed to high quality of work by creating unit tests and maintaining clean code.

You are ensured high quality service by constant software testing and our Quality Assurance procedures.

We provide technical consulting and guidance throughout the project.

It doesn't end with delivery

The same hand-picked team that started work on the solution deliver to the client when it is complete. It's this kind of familiarity and continuity that breeds great cooperation. And we also believe in total honesty. We transfer the code and intellectual property to the client.

So, you've got a great solution from a team you know, and it is all yours. But that is not the end. We are there to support you and develop whatever you need next - because we know that you are always developing your business, which means we can always develop software of value for you.

We always make sure to be well-accessible for our business partners.

Easy Adjustment To Other Time Zones

Being in UTC+1 timezone, we can easily adjust to the working hours
of both Eastern and Western countries.

We look forward to learning more about your requirements

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