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There is no mystery left in the cloud. All businesses now know that cloud services cut CAPEX and OPEX costs, that a good cloud solution is as secure as on-premises IT, and that cloud solutions let you scale up and down instantly and get ideas to market quickly. You also get business continuity and high availability if you set it up right, so you can stay up and running even if a failure occurs.

Undoubtedly, your company is already in the cloud or is thinking about moving there with cloud migration services. So, the only question we need to answer is: "Why should you do it with Synergy Codes?"

Here are the top three reasons:

We are experts in Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services which make hosting platforms more responsive to your needs. When we say experts, we really mean it. Your software is automatically and instantly deployed to the cloud server whenever the source code is changed.
We've been doing SaaS since SaaS applications weren't even a thing! We have always championed software as a service solutions because they require no initial investment and get companies working fast. We have a long history of implementing SaaS solutions for companies around the world.
We talk you through it all. We work out your right mix of public and private cloud technology, on-premises IT and cloud-based solutions - and we go through the whole process with you. This isn't just coding and it isn't just cloud consultancy. We become a part of your evolution and a part of the change that benefits your business.

Once you've decided on your cloud solution, Synergy Codes can get you up and running quickly and with no hassle. Whether you are migrating to cloud for the first time or integrating existing solutions, we are right by your side.

Cloud migration

Migrate legacy applications and in-house systems to the latest cloud platforms, making the best use of platform features. Minimal down-time and operational overheads during the transition.

Cloud integration

Integrate your in-house or cloud applications with various cloud services and EDI end-points like Office 365, web-storage  accounts and other powerful solutions.

Cloud Security

Implement security in your web applications using cloud Microsoft Azure/AWS. Your solution is only as strong as its weakest link. We make sure that link is digital cast iron.

Cloud Infrastructure

Manage your cloud infrastructure in Azure/AWS to reduce your operational overheads and risk. Focus on your applications as your cloud infrastructure stays focused.

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