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Data visualization
and BPM applications

Imagine creating order from data chaos. Not just order but actionable business insight that brings measurable value. All thanks to custom web applications for interactive data visualization, business process modeling and real-time data presentation.


Data visualization application lets you see the components of your data in a clear way. It also helps you to understand dependencies between the particular elements.

The applications we create can identify the replicable patterns in your data. You can later use them to make predictions or indicate trends in data.

You can set performance indicators, the app will track them and automatically generate their visual interpretation on dashboards. Then you can drill into data by clicking on the visualization element or apply filters to the view.

Benefits of interactive data visualization:
  • Taking control of your data
  • Showing dependencies in your complex data flow
  • Speeding up and improving the quality of decision-making processes
What can we do for you?
data flow diagram
heat map
bar chart
pie chart
fever chart
geographic map
dials and gauges


BPM application aims at presenting business processes and company's workflow visually. Our app provides you with a tool for building a transparent process model, production model or workflow model.

Solution that we develop allows you to validate data and stay up to date with alerts. It will help you to simplify your complex processes, and increase their capability.

We also create custom product builders which help you with manufacturing cycle setup or product design.

Benefits of business process modeling:
  • Taking control of your process
  • Identifying inefficiencies and weak points
  • Understanding how your process works, thanks to visualization
What can we do for you?
activity diagram
decision tree
block diagram
flow chart


We can help you to save your time and avoid process outages. With real-time data presentation built in your web application, you are able to monitor your processes and receive information about errors as soon as they happen.

Real-time data presentation is a great solution for industries like manufacturing, transport, automation, and healthcare to name a few.

Benefits of real-time data presentation:
  • Speeding up process management
  • Preventing needless costs
  • Getting necessary information in time
What can we do for you?
real-time data monitoring
real-time simulation
real-time diagramming
real-time streaming
real-time data validation

Intelligent Automation

We can move your desktop application to the cloud, giving you a global preview of your processes.

Telecommunications and TV

Let us upgrade your systems by creating a visualization of wireless transmitters.

Internal solutions

To optimize your company's performance you need to optimize your internal processes. We can help you achieve this goal by creating an application to optimize expenses or manage employees' working time.

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