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Get your facilities to a smarter level

The Synergy Codes' strength lays in the creation of tools for modeling your business any way you want it, working with real-time apps and complex data diagrams to give you perfectly tailored solutions.

Introduce IoT to your company

Facing problems with manufacturing process management? Meet Smartly - the Industry 4.0 app that integrates with database or hardware and introduces your assembly to IoT solutions to elevate it to the brand-new heights.

Smartly app
Smartly app

Be there just in time

When operating the assembly line, you need to keep up with the occurring issues. In real-time, you will gather data from all sensors installed in your plant. Thus following trends, alerts, and all necessary information is a piece of cake.

Smartly app


Connect any smart devices to preview and collect data via smartphone or browser.



Manage and design your intelligent assembly line and gather data out of sensors.



Solve any issues concerning your building or assembly just in time.

Make it real-time

Because it's all about being always up-to-date. Smart Building app assists you while managing the offices, delivers you necessary data and transforms it into readable and neat visualizations you may use anytime you want thanks to the web and mobile app.

Smart Building app
Smart Building app

Take the control nobody expected

Imagine you are creating new meeting rooms or you need to differ the temperature there. Or you are a newbie in an office and you don't know where the meeting place is. Few taps will bring you closer to success.

Smart Building app

We help in your first steps

Once you decide to bet on the solutions of the future, we will accompany you with our knowledge, experience, and high-level ideas at any stage of your journey.


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