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Even if you know a little about software, the benefits of working with a dedicated group of experts to create a bespoke solution will bring value to your business. Perhaps you have limited resources of time and money to pour into an internal project-not to mention dealing with staffing challenges like recruitment and administration and technical challenges like procuring and maintaining an infrastructure to build a solution. It's not just the end product that elevates your business, it is all the time and money you save along the way.

Now that you know why you need an dedicated software solution team for your project, find out why you need those experts to be Synergy Codes.

Who are we?

A team of developers, designers, testers, UX specialists, analysts and project managers. We are experts. We are also Star Wars fans, car enthusiasts, football players, and great people to work with.

What industries do we work in?

We are game for anything. We believe that our team is capable of bringing value to any industry. Our broad experience means we offer smart advice and tested solutions in a range of areas. And to date we have worked in:

  • Information Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Energy Industry
  • Public Administration
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation & Automotive

Where are we?

In Wroclaw, right in the heart of the Polish Silicon Valley. The city is famed for its polytechnic university that produces some of the best robotics, computing and coding experts in the world. It is becoming the coding hub of Europe. At Synergy Codes we hand-pick the best of the best, meaning every team we set up for a client's solution is set for success.

Why do we do it?

Love. Money. A vision of a better world. All answers are possible. However, the first creative vision behind Synergy Codes was a wish to break the status quo and start building intuitive software - with the heart and from the mind.

What makes us different?

We are real people. We communicate like real people. And we carry our ethics into every project we work on. That means we want to focus on win-win outcomes. Our win is a reasonable price and a chance to develop our skills on new and interesting projects. Your win is not just getting a great piece of software; we hope it is the whole process of working with people with a passion for your solution.

What are our values?

Our values run through everything we do. They are the heartbeat of our company. We are Synergy Codes and these are the value that are hard-coded into our people:


We are accountable for producing everything to the highest possible standard.


Integrity, honesty, and ethics are the strongest tools we have at our disposal.


We respect people and their ideas at all times - because together we can deliver better value.


We are brave enough to believe that our experts can push the envelope and help evolve the world.

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