Enterprise Solution


Sizing up your business

At Synergy Codes, we take our experience of different branches and global markets into each project. However, we also know that the size of your company requires a different approach from us. We don't do "one-size-fits-all", we tailor our services to your stage on your growth journey.

Enterprises and midsize businesses
How we work with your enterprises and midsize businesses:


We dig deep into how your business processes and workflows operate at the moment.


We design smart and unique workflows to optimize business, using web and mobile tech.


We implement the design into a custom application that is built specifically for your business and your people.

Our enterprise offering is based on developing both front-end (React) and back-end custom apps (.NET), as well as AWS and Azure hosting, infrastructure and server management. But that is only the tech. We know that enterprises need trusted, mature partners. You can't make it up as you go along. That's why we have a stable team, an in-house lawyer, regular audits, mature processes, and 24/7 project management tools. We are endlessly creative, that is true; but we also take the business of business very seriously.

Startups and small businesses
Where we bring value to your vision:


We look at your concept for an online product and offer advice on key technical areas.


We help you work out how to develop your ideas in a logical order to validate your concept and get to market.


We work on a minimal viable product or proof of concept, to allow you to test the market for the solution for only a fraction of the final cost.


We design applications that are easy to scale, because we know that your startup or small business may not stay small for long.

Startups have to act quickly. Ideas need to get to market before competitors get the jump. Your company needs to start generating revenue to get a return on investments. At Synergy Codes, we believe that you can act fast but still be thorough. We use high technology, move fast to get to market, and still keep to your SMB budget. We've been a startup, we've been a small business: we know your needs, we appreciate your challenges, and we speak your language.


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