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Our web apps are scalable, usable and built with the latest technologies at the highest quality. Help your unique business interact better with its clients, with app development services from Synergy Codes.

What makes our apps so special?


We build apps fast.
They work at light speeds.
You can upgrade at any time.


Our apps are secure and smart.
Massive data processing power with zero downtime.


Agile cooperation.
Constant customer input.
Great end user experiences.

A good start

Technology consulting

A great solution starts with good background.

We don't just work hard on the code; our business analysts get inside the heads of our clients, discuss what they truly want, and evaluate how we can make an idea into something real.

Prototype development

Something tangible in only two weeks.

Our prototypes help clients to see how a solution can work. They make the abstract into something of meaning. And they help clients cut down on costs and risks. We never go to a full solution without knowing the client is happy with the prototype.

Beautiful and usable apps

UX & UI design

Pixel-perfect applications

Excellent design does not just mean a pretty picture on the screen. Of course our apps look amazing, but our UX team makes sure they are also intuitive, accessible and responsive. We think about the fine details of every element the user sees in front of them.

Front-end technologies

Best-of-breed technologies

Our web application development platforms offer app development using front-end technologies like JavaScript, TypeScript, Bootstrap, Node, React, and others. Responsive web applications based on industry best practices.

Solid and secure under the hood

Back-end technologies

Trusted, open, compatible frameworks

We use .NET for our back-end technologies. Why? Because millions of developers and enterprises around the world can't be wrong. And because our custom-built web applications can also easily integrate with existing enterprise architecture, enabling more efficient collaboration across the organization.

Software testing

Tested and fit for purpose

We use a minimum of two development environments, in accordance with quality assurance procedures. But it is not just the technology that makes the difference; it is the experience and skills of our testers that sets us apart from the rest. We believe that there is no other company out there that works as hard to deliver bug-free, flawless applications.

Performance testing
We see that your application remains intact regardless of the volume of data it has to withstand. And if it doesn't, we don't just show the fault, we help you solve the problem.

Test automation
Cut your development costs by launching test automation for your project, on the web, mobile or desktop. We can kick off in just a few days with a well-oiled team at the ready.

Manual testing
We are a QA company that makes the most of the brilliant testing talent when automation does not do the trick. Our manual testers get the end user's mindset and then they really rock and roll.

Always improving, always protected

Software maintenance

Continued improvement and optimization

The end of the creation process is just the beginning for bringing value to your business. We continue to improve and optimize apps, as well as providing consultancy and other services.

Technologies we use:

Microsoft .NET
.NET Core
Amazon Web Services
Windows Azure
Microsoft SQL Server

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