Doubtlessly, we have already found some great personalities, however we are still looking for communicative individuals that could contribute themselves to our small community. Who knows what we could learn from you?

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Multisport Card

Multisport Card

Relax Lounge

relax lounge

Dart Tournaments

dart tournaments

Real Work Experience

Training budget

Candies & Snacks

candies & snacks

Unlimited Good Coffee

unlimited good coffee

Ok, coffee is remarkably important, but we suspect that you expect more from your employer. And because we believe in people, there are some things that are the most significant for us - your enthusiasm, constant development and engagement in work. We support creativity of our employees and encourage them to live out their ideas. We want you to feel welcomed and stay with us longer. Your job satisfaction is here of the greatest importance.

We do not neglect our after-hours activities. We organize team building events and training courses on a regular basis. You can meet us playing darts or some outdoor games, eating together or arguing whose mobile is the best one. We know that interactions between people matter, so we take every opportunity to spend time together… and we actually can stand each other :-)

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