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Yada critical thinking software

Yada critical thinking software

Cloud-based web application for mapping critical thinking process.



Web application that could visualize and manage a global network

Fleet Management

Automotive and Fleet Management App

Cloud-based system for transport, workshop and fleet management.

Budget Calculator

Budget Calculator solution for M-Files

M-Files add-in allowing cost estimations according to different scenarios.

Catering Management

Catering Events Management System

Cross-platform web application for holistic management of catering events.


Tom Lubinski

Tom Lubinski

Sherrill-Lubinski Corporation

The people at Synergy Codes are not just experienced professionals but working with them has been an enjoyable experience. They are extremely committed to their work, communicative and easy to collaborate with. Synergy Codes is an innovative and professional company that has provided us with valuable software development services. Synergy Codes defines what a software house should be and we highly recommend them as a reliable business partner for software projects of any type.

Ingrid Vanblaere

Ingrid Vanblaere

Transport Care NV

I recommend Synergy Codes as a reliable partner for any IT endeavor. During our cooperation in developing the software for transportation fleet, the programmers of Synergy Codes proved to be strongly involved, detail-oriented and technologically resourceful.

Ingrid Vanblaere

Jeffrey Ingle

CreatEd LLC

Synergy Codes took the time needed to understand our development needs, and crafted clearly articulated plans and estimates for projects. They made sure everything was as understandable as could be and kept us clearly informed of their progress.

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