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If you want a visual representation of a structure or process or you simply want to look at the relationships in your data - speak to Synergy Codes about a GoJS solution and how we make beautiful custom diagrams using JavaScript. It's fast and easy to get started.

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GoJS is a JavaScript library that takes complex data and runs it through flexible modeling options to create interactive visualizations. We recommend it to our clients who want to improve business operations or at looking for an advantage from their data. And the beauty of GoJS is that it works for any business; it can be customized, modified and extended to suit specific needs.

Simply put, if you have a company and you generate data, we can implement a GoJS solution that will make you money or save you money.

Why Synergy Codes?

Jason Stewart

Jason Stewart

Northwoods Software

Anytime we have a customer that requires full development services involving GoJS, we recommend the Synergy Codes team.

We are the first-and, to date, the only-company to receive the title of Premium GoJS Consultancy from Northwoods Software Corporation, the creators of GoJS. It is recognition of our years spent providing GoJS solutions in industries like IT, energy, education, public administration, healthcare, manufacturing and transport-as well as an endorsement of our team of dedicated specialists who build a customized solution for any need, including:

  • Data and information flows
  • Electronic circuits
  • Organizational charts
  • Mind maps
  • Floor planning
  • BPMN and process visualization
  • And many more

Why not challenge us to solve your particular data problem?!

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